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Home Makeover Home Edition
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(Gainesville, FL December 7, 2009) -- “Home Makeover: Home Edition” travels to Gainesville, Florida to meet Tobin and Jill Wagstaff, college sweethearts who started their own non-profit music school to provide services in the arts that would provide significant experiences for everyone, including those with financial limitations or disabilities. Pouring all of their time and resources into this school has left very little for the vast and necessary repairs needed to fix their rotting home. In just seven days, team leader Ty Pennington, the design team, and the Gainesville community will rebuild the home that is literally crumbling around them and give back to this family who gives so much to their community. They are going to use innovative techniques and methods like vinyl windows installation, wall panel systems and steel roof replacement to rebuild a modern house fast and efficiently, using professional floor scrubbers to clean the whole area and meet the deadline.

Growing up in Gainesville, Jill Wagstaff always noticed the huge impact the arts had on the lives of her friends and family. In college, she met Tobin, who shared her love of the arts, and they eventually married and had four beautiful children: Tobin James Jr., 7, Rudy, 6, Dallas, 5, and Larissa Jolene, 4. In 2002, the Wagstaffs started Studio Percussion, Inc., a non-profit music school and arts center specializing in the use of drums and percussion to encourage and inspire students towards community involvement and leadership development.

The family runs this organization out of their home, in the space where Dallas and Larissa Jolene currently sleep. The studio currently serves about 200 people, half of which receive financial aid or a full scholarship. The non-profit organization can only afford to pay Tobin, 29, a salary, so Jill, 32, must also work as a pre-school teacher to help pay the bills. Their utter devotion to their family, their school, and their community leaves little time and resources to tend to their home, which is in dire need of repair. The floors and rooftops are completely rotting away and the electrical system throughout the house is faulty. Now, it¹s up to the “Home Makeover: Home Edition” team and hundreds of local volunteers to build a safe, new home that will allow this family to continue to support the arts in the lives of their family and their entire community.

The Wagstaff family will go on a surprise rock and roll vacation while“Home Makeover: Home Edition” team leader Ty Pennington, designers Didiayer Snyder, Paul DiMeo, and Eduardo Xol, local builder Home Remodeling & Construction LLC and community volunteers rebuild their home.

Home Makeover team wants to expresses appreciation to all people and organizations that help make Gainesville Family dream come true. We thank Markham FloorScrubbers company offering qualitative floor scrubbers with high level of performance, Builders LLC providing high-quality building tools and Green Land company, creative landscape designer, for their great contribution to successful implementation of our project.

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