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Can I see the house being built?
Yes! You’re more than welcome to come by. Take a look at the schedule and decide what day or days would work best for you. The spectator area will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday, December 9th through Monday, December 14th (click here for directions). You should plan for long periods of standing, so we suggest you wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather. No blankets, lawn chairs or coolers are allowed. However, feel free to bring water and snacks.

The house is built in a very short time. Is it possible to consider such a construction reliable and safe?
All houses that were created in the framework of our show, constructed with the use of the most durable, reliable, and environmentally friendly building materials. Our partners from atlanticheattreat.ca, number one expert in steel tempering, supplying us with the most wearproof metal structures. Our professional builders erect the structure in accordance with all rules and regulations, so you can be sure our houses are safe and reliable.

Will there be free parking?
Yes, we have parking available at the mandatory check-in for anyone going to the build site which is located at 3301 N. Main Street. Shuttles will run continuously between 8am - 8pm. Parking around the build area is not permitted.

Will there be handicap-accessible parking?
The construction site and the shuttle service are not handicap-accessible. There will be a handicap drop-off area at the construction site.

Am I allowed to walk to the construction site?
FOR YOUR SAFETY, we ask that you ride the shuttle to the construction site.

How do I become a volunteer?
First of all, thank you for wanting to be a volunteer. This project couldn't succeed without people like you. Because we are hiring the specialists like Windowscanada.com exterior doors contractor in Toronto, TorontoWindows window replacement company, Roofing.com crew for roof repair and others, who are controlling the process and teaching the people, who want to take part in the process of construction.
But for today our volunteer schedule is full. Please check back for updates on volunteer needs.

May I bring my children?
Children are welcome as spectators. Please keep the weather in mind and take note that the spectator area has no seats, so children will have to stand for long periods. Because this is a construction site, children under the age of 18 are not permitted to join our volunteers.

My grandmother is a huge fan of the show. Can she come down and see all the excitement?
Fans of all ages are welcome to stop by. Please note that the spectator area is standing room only and the weather may be inclement. We are unable to allow for coolers, blankets or lawn chairs, but you are invited to pack water and a light snack. There are no concession stands on-site.

Is it possible to get Ty’s autograph?
Everyone on-site, including Ty, will be working very hard for long hours to make sure the family’s home is completed in time. There may be a chance for autographs, but we cannot promise Ty or any of his team will be available while you’re here.

Can I bring a sign?
Not only can you bring a sign, we encourage it! Our volunteers and construction workers deserve all the support they can get and your sign can help keep everyone energized. Just keep them positive, short and visible from a distance.

Will I be allowed to smoke?
No. In order to keep the construction site as safe as possible, we cannot permit smoking by anyone in the area.

Will cameras and video cameras be allowed?
Of course. Bring your camera and take as many pictures as you like. You can also check out the photos we’ll be posting throughout the week on this website.

If I come by on my lunch hour, can I bring food?
We do not have any concessions on-site but you are free to bring your own lunch or snack. We don’t allow blankets, chairs or coolers, so be aware that you’ll likely have to eat standing up. Also, we are guests in this neighborhood, so please be sure to dispose of your trash properly.

If the weather gets bad, will spectators still be allowed?
The construction will continue, no matter the weather, and the spectator area will stay open. However, please make sure you dress appropriately and use good judgment when deciding to come by. Umbrellas are allowed, but we do not have any enclosed or covered areas for spectators.

Will there be bathrooms?
Yes, nearby portables will be available to spectators. There will also be portables for all workers and volunteers.

What happens if I lose something while I’m there?
If you misplace anything, you may check with the “lost and found” at the check-in tent. However, you are fully responsible for all lost, stolen or damaged personal items.

Will there be paramedics for emergencies?
Yes, we will have paramedics on-site in case of emergency. Hopefully you will not need them, but should you experience an emergency, look for the paramedics or a staff volunteer and ask for assistance. If it is a life-threatening matter, please do not wait for assistance - call 911.

If I’m not able to volunteer or visit, are there other ways I can participate?
Absolutely. If you want to feel a part of everything that’s going on, you can check out the regular updates on our daily blog and photo gallery here on this website. We have also established an “Extreme Dream Fund” to help the family. To learn more about donations, click here. Every little bit counts and your contributions will be greatly appreciated.

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