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Make your room cozy with wooden floors

One of the main stages of apartment interior decoration is flooring, which can be made of ceramic tile, laminate, parquet, linoleum or wood. Natural wood is a material that has a number of advantages over other types of floorings, so it is preferred in the most cases. To increase the level of comfort during the cold season in a room you can set the thermostat floor heating or you can simply finish wood flooring, which gives you following benefits.

Natural wood floor is a unique natural material, characterized by ecological purity. Wood has beneficial effects on human health, creating a cozy atmosphere in the room. It does not cause allergic reactions, improves sleep, and increases vitality and work efficiency. In addition, wood saves heat excellently. Wooden flooring allows you to execute such works as the installation of floor heating.

Wooden floors can decorate any room harmoniously fitting any decor. There is a veriety of aesthetic floorings which ennobles the room and gives it a refined and cozy look. Due to the large range of wood types, you can choose what type of wood suites your interior best - cedar, pine, mahogany, beech, etc. The strength of wooden floor depends on the wood density. The most robust species are larch, oak and beech. Spruce and pine have low density, so the thickness of the boards of a few larger. Wooden floors are placed both in cottages and apartments with the installation of heating thermostat that monitors the temperature in the room. Natural wood is able to maintain a comfortable microclimate in apartment or house, absorbing excess moisture and giving it back if necessary. This special wood characteristic is very important. The wood does not change its structure and does not warp when absorbing moisture. Wooden floors help to maintain proper humidity balance in a room.

You should take into account wood mechanical characteristics - friability, hardness, toughness, resilience when working with wood floors. Wooden floors are characterized by elasticity and non-slip surface. They muffle any sounds because wood is good sound insulating material. The other advantage of wooden floors is their durability. Floor covering made ​​of natural wood, unlike laminate, can serve for several decades. It is not hard to treat wooden floors properly as they do not require the use of detergents, just wiping with a damp soft cloth. The floors covered with lacquer are rubbed with a special compound to give shine and resistance to negative impacts. It is easy to repair wooden floors. You can remove damaged floor item and replace it with a new item without special skills. You can also refresh a wooden surface with the help of polishers.

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