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The use of industrial knives in building

Modern knives are used in different fields. Nowadays the industrial knives found their application in various industrial sectors. Industrial knives are cutting tools. A wide range of cutting equipment contributes to their wide application in woodworking, metalworking, processing industries. In addition, industrial knives used fission material of small thickness guillotine shears to produce chips for the production of particleboard, peeled and sliced veneer. These are the most essential materials that are used in building industry.

Today industrial knives are presented in a broad line, which includes disk and guillotine, round and chippers, particle and peeling, pinch and flat blades. Industrial blades for metal cutting are in great demand all over the world. Such equipment enables to perform high-quality and precision cutting.

The production of industrial knives occurs with the usage of high quality materials. In particular, alloy steel is used for manufacturing of most types of machine knives. The main feature of these materials is high resistance to external damage, including the formation of corrosion on the tools surface. Today, the production of industrial knives is carried out exclusively with the use of the latest technologies. The products goes through the heat treatment in a computer-controlled furnace. Thus created industrial knives have excellent performance characteristics, reliability and practicality of use. Manufacture of industrial knives is always carried out according to the established standards, but as an exception cutting tools can be made by individual design. Manufacture of industrial knives is now under active development, so that the metal market is regularly updated with new functional models of cutting knives.

Such knives are installed in different equipment, such as metalworking and woodworking machines. Woodworking machine is a specialized machine that is used for resizing parts of wood by cutting. Such machines are used for the production of lumber, blanks and semi-finished products (beams, logs, sticks, boards, chips, veneer and other details that are used in the construction industry), details of products and designs, as well as finished products in a single piece, parquet, container, skiing, and more. For proper operation of the machine it is important to use high-quality industrial knives for woodworking that are equipped with qualitative shear blades. Having a qualitative and reliable cutting tool is an indispensable component of success and high profitability of woodworking, furniture producing enterprises, as well as in building industry.

Julian Blake for Jtmachineknife company, providing qualitative shear blades.

J & T Machine Knife Inc
17 Edvac Dr Brampton ON L6S 5X8 Canada (905) 792-8111

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